The effect of 2,4-D and K2SO4 on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of sweet orange cv.Navel fruits

Document Type : Research Article



Navel oranges are cultivated in many countries including Iran and in Comparable to With other cultivars of citrus have an especial importance in THE world The quality and quantity of this Product in fluenced by many factors. This research was CARRIED OUT to investigate the effect of 2,4-D and K2SO4 and their interaction on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of sweet orange cv. Navel fruits afactorial enperiment as a randomized complete block de sign (RCBD) with 9 treatments and 4 replications was Performed. 2,4-D was sprayed at 0, 10 and 20 mg l-1 and K2SO4 at 0, 1 and 2 percent when diameter of fruits was 15 mm in the growing season of 2006. ResultS has shown that 2,4-D at 20 mg l-1 plus 2% potassium significantly increased weight and total acid of fruit and at 10 mg l-1 with different concentration of potassium increased fruit juice significantly. Potassium had a Significantly effect on qualitative characteristics of fruits including total soluble solids, acidity and ascorbic acid.

Key words: Navel sweet orange, 2,4-D, K2SO4, fruit size, fruit quality