Document Type : Research Article



In this research, the effects of corm culture in 15, 20 or 25 cm distances in two culture pattern of triangle and square on growth and flowering of gladiolus (Gladiolus hybrida cv. White friendship) was investigated. The experiment was carried out as factorial in completed randomize design with four replication (each replicate consist of one plot 1×1.5 m). The results showed with corm culture in triangle pattern and 25 cm distance, the height of flowering stalk was significantly more than corm culture in 15 cm distance in both triangle and square patterns. The ratio of flowering section height to stalk height in culture distance of 25 cm in both patterns were significantly higher than 15 cm culture distance. The most number of cut flowers were produced in 15 cm culture distance in both patterns and increase of culture distance caused of decreasing this index in both patterns. In both triangle and square culture patterns, increase of culture distance caused of decreasing the number of new corms and the most number of corms were obtained in 15 cm distance of triangle pattern. The culture pattern and culture distance of corm did not affect significantly on weight and diameter of new corms and also weight, number and diameter of cormlets. The treatments used were not affected significantly on ratio number of florets to height of stalk, number, height and wide of leaf and diameter of stem.

Key words: Plant Density, Culture Pattern, Gladiolus, Cut Flower, Flowering