Effects of Gibberellin, Benzyl adenine, Zeatine hormones and Temperature on dormancy breaking of potato minituber (Solanum tuberosum)

Document Type : Research Article


Faculty of Agriculture, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


Dormancy in potato minituber buds is one of the limiting factors on planting them after harvesting. This study was undertaken in a completely randomized Nested with arrengment three replications to examine the effective hormonal and temperature treatments on rapid breaking of minitubers dormancy at 2008. Treatments included gibberellic acid (2 and 5 mg/l), benzyl adenine (5 and 10 mg/l), zeatine (1.5 and 3 mg/l) and temperature (5, 10 and 15oC). Results showed that germination rate and percentage, length of sprouts, number of active sprouts, tuber weight were affected by hormonal and temperature. Germination rate and percentage were not significantly different amoung hormones under temperature 15oc but lowest was respectively 14.4 and 11 for control. Most effect on length of sprouts was resulted in 5 mg/l gibberellic acid. Temperature 10oc had most affect on number of active sprouts. Under low temperature effect of hormones on studied was not significant. Loss of Tuber weight under low temperature (5oc) and high temperature (15oc) was high and low respectively.

Key words: Potato, Dormancy of minituber, Dormancy breaking