Study on the effect of rootstock and salinity on concentration of micro elements in sweet lime ( Citrus limetta L.) leaves

Document Type : Research Article


گروه باغبانی، واحد جهرم، دانشگاه آزاد اسلامی، جهرم، ایران


One way of the increasing saline tolerance in citrus plants is grafting of sensitive commercial cultivars on to tolerant rootstocks. Sweet lime (Citrus limetta) is one of the most sensitive species to salinity of soil and water, and under such conditions, drastic reduction of both vegetative and yield occured. This reaserch was conducted in completely randomaized design with factorial arrangement and four replications in order to study the effect of salinity and different rootstocks namely: Sour orange(C. aurantium), Sweet lime(C. limetta), Mexican lime( C. aurantifolia), Volkameriana(C. volkameriana) and Bakraii(C. reticulata  C. limetta) on concenreation of micro elements in sweet lime leaf. Four levels of salinity imposed were: 0, 20, 40 and 60 mili mole L-1 NaCl. Results showed that rootstock had significant effects on leaf concentration of micro elements and under salinity treatments different changes were occurred in concentration of micro elements among rootstocks. Generally concluded that, Volkamer lemon, and to some extent Bakraii, could induce salinity tolerance in Sweet lime scion.

Key words: Rootstock, Salinity, Micro elements, Sweet lime