Morphological evaluation of some Chamomile species in two genera, Anthemis and Matricaria in Iran (Matricaria spp, Anthemis spp)

Document Type : Research Article



For evaluation and identification some of the chamomile species in two genera Anthemis and Matricaria, morphological and phonological characteristics were used. The experiment was conducted in a Randomized Completely Blocks Design (RCBD) with three replicates, sixteen quantitative and qualitative traits were evaluated such as plant height, anthodium diameter, receptacle diameter, ligulae flower number, dry flower percent, 100 flower weight, time of flower beginning, yield, flower number per plant, 1000 seeds weight, stomata length, leaf length, leaf width, flower color and type of leaf and receptacle in 26 genotypes. Results showed that genotypes were significantly different for all traits. Principle Components analysis (PCo) analysis placed 16 traits in five principle components that covered 91 percent of variance. The first principle components covered 39 percent of variance included main traits such as anthodium diameter, receptacle diameter, ligulae flower number, 100 flower weight, yield, 1000 seeds weight, leaf length. Cluster analysis classified genotypes to 8 main groups and 2 independent genotypes. This study showed that morphological markers on of the reliable mean to determined genotypes and species, yet.

Key words: Morphological evaluation, Anthemis spp, Matricaria spp, Cluster analysis