The Effect of Different Growing Media and Storage Temperature on Keeping Quality of Tomato Fruits

Document Type : Research Article



Many preharvest and postharvest factors and conditions influence the nutritional value and storage life of horticultural commodities. The present study, the response of tomato fruits produced from different growing media, tea waste, tea waste + zeolite (1:1), tea waste + zeolite (3:1), tea waste + zeolite (1:3), zeolite + perlite (1:2) (V/V) in soilless culture to two different storage temperature were investigated. The results showed that keeping quality of fruits such as antioxidant capacity and total phenolic compounds affected by storage temperature. The response to storage temperature was different among the fruits that produced on different growing media. Fruits weight loss was affected by storage temperature and growing media could not change it. The declining antioxidant capacity and phenolic losses were accelerated at higher temperatures (20°C) and longer storage durations. Fruits produced on tea waste have been showed the highest antioxidant capacity and phenolic compounds after two weeks storage.

Keywords: Tomato, Soilless culture, Quality & antioxidant capacity