Determination of Harvesting Time of Two Cultivars Olive and Its Effect on Quality and Quantity of Oil in Gorgan Region

Document Type : Research Article




The harvesting time and storage conditions of olive fruit are effective factors on the quality and quantity of oil. The harvesting time of olive is different in each area and it depends on climatic conditions.This investigation was carried out to assess the impact of harvesting time on olive oil quality and quantity frome two olive varieties cultivated in Gorgan region. For this reason fruits of selected cultivars, Mishen and kroniki, were harvested with fifteen-day intervals from 6 september till middle desember. Then quality and quantity of oil was determined. The results showed that dry matter, oil content (in dry), free fatty acids increased during ripening, whereas peroxide value decreased during ripening. Therefore, the best harvesting time for these cultivars is beginning of December.

Keywords: Olive oil, Harvesting time, Oil quality and Quantity