The Effects of Methyl Jasmonat and UV-C Irradiation on Quality and Storage Life of Strawberry Fruits (Fragaria  Ananassa Duch. Cv. Selva)

Document Type : Research Article



In order to increase of quality and storage life of strawberry fruits (cv. 'Selva'), UV-C irradiation at tow doses (5 and 15 min) and immersion in Methyl jasmonat solution with three concentrations (0,1,3 µMol/ lit ), were applied. A factorial experiment (Dummy Plot) was carried out with Randomized Completely Design at 8 replications. Fruits after harvesting, treated and stored in a cold storage in +2 0C with 95% relative humidity for 14 days. Immediately after treatments and end of storage, quality traits including, total soluble solid (TSS), titrable acidity (TA), vitamin C, total phenols, decay percentage were measured. The results showed that fruits which took UV-C irradiation (5 min) and MJ solution (1 µMol/ lit), increased total phenol and decreased of decay percentage after 14 days of storage more than others. UV-C irradiation with Methyl jasmonat solution didn’t have any significant effects on TA, TSS and Vitamin C.

Keywords: Strawberry, Irradiation, UV-C, Immersion, Methyl jasmonat