Effect of Postharvest Salicylic Acid Application on Some Quality Attributes and Antioxidant Activity of Kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa Cv. Hayward)

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Effect of different concentrations of salicylic acid on postharvest life of kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) cultivar Hayward at 0 ±.5 °C and 90-95% RH was studied. Fruits were treated with salicylic acid (0, 1 and 2 mmol/L-1) and stored at 0±.5°C for 16 weeks. Fruit quality attributes assessment including firmness, total acidity, soluble solid content, ascorbic acid, antioxidant activity, catalase enzyme activity and total protein content was conducted after 8 and 16 weeks of cold storage. Salicylic acid treatment significantly retained fruit firmness and 2 mmol/L-1 was the most effective treatment in retaining fruit firmness. salicylic acid treatment also had a significant effect on total acidity after 16 weeks and ascorbic acid after 8 weeks, but had no significant effect on soluble solid content. Salicylic acid significantly affected on antioxidant activity. Effect of salicylic acid had a significant increase in catalase enzyme activity and total protein content after 16 weeks of cold storage.

Keywords: Salicylic acid, Postharvest, Antioxidant activity, Kiwifruit