Document Type : Research Article


Ferdowsi university of Mashhad


This experiment was conducted for optimizing a suitable medium for callus induction, regeneration and rooting of Anthurium. leaf and petiol explants of Antadra and Casino varieties were used for callus production. MS medium was supplied with growth regulators (NAA, BA, Kin and IBA). A complete randomized design with 3 replication was used in this expriment. Result indicates that varieties and growth regulators were significantly affected on callus production. The highest amount of callus was produced in C5 medium (3 mg/lit BA and 0.5 mg/lit NAA) in dark condition. The highest number of shoots were obtained from callus in Re2 medium (Ms BA 1 mg/l and NAA 0.01 mg/l) in light condition. After 8 weeks of inoculation, about 22.83 plantlets per cm-2 of callus were obtained. The best rooting medium (Ro2) was contained 1 mg/l IBA and 0.2 mg/l Kin which produced 11.5 roots per plantlet. Antadra cultivar was better than Casino for callus and shoot production, but casino cultivar showed better rooting than the.

Keywords: Anthurium andreanum, Callus, Regeneration, Rooting, Tissue culture