Investigation of the Tolerance of Pistachio Rootstooks to Sodium Bicarbonate

Document Type : Research Article



Considering to high lime in pistachio orchards of Iran, choosing of tolerant rootstock and cultivars to high pH is important. In order to investigate the effect of sodium bicarbonate on pistachio rootstocks factorial trail with two factors of sodium bicarbonate at 3 levels (0, 50 and 100 mM) and pistachio rootstocks at 4 levels (Atlantica, Sarakhs, Badami-e-Riz Zarand and Qazvini) carried out in hydroponic system. Bicarbonate caused growth reduction in all rootstocks. As the highest reduction in plant fresh weight was observed in Atlantica (70.39%) and Srakhs (51.92%) at 100 mM, and the lowest reduction in Qazvini (31.54%) rootstock. Sodium bicarbonate treatments at 50 and 100 mM caused RWC reduction, proline increase and Cu and Mn reduction in shoots and roots. So that, the highest reduction of Mn and Cu concentrations was observed in Atlantica and the lowest reduction in Qazvini (31.54%) rootstock. The results of this study showed that Qazvini is a tolerant rootstock to sodium bicarbonate, Sarakhs and Badami semi-tolerant and Atlantica sensitive rootstocks.