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Gerbera (Gerbereajamesonii) cut flower has magnificent economical value in international cut flower industry. Due to sensitivityto ethylene and to gray mold, it has a short postharvest life. In this research, the effects of pulsing treatments with Salicylic Acid (100 and 200 mg/L) and Methyl jasmonate (25 and 50 mg/L) for 24h on quality and vase-life of gerbera cut flower were assessed. Distilled water + Sucrose (4%) was applied as control treatment. Afther treatment application, the flowers were taken out and kept in distilled water + sucrose (4%) solution at 25±2.C˚The highest vase-life was obtained in salicylic acid 200 mg/L (9.91 day) followed by methyl jasmonate 25 mg/L (9.66 day), compared to control (7.49 day). Among the treatments, salicylic acid (200 mg/L) decreased flower petal wilting, preservative pH, and microorganism growth and subsequently increased the absorption of preservative solution, soluble solids, cut flower stem diameter and vase-life,therefore it can be choose as best treatment in this experiment.