The Effect of Culture Media and Sod Netting Materials on Qualitative Characteristics of Sod Production

Document Type : Research Article


Lecture , Department of Horticulture Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


Since lawn cultivation is a laborious process, we need new and quick methods of cultivation such as sod production to revive and repair green spaces. Mean while, the kind of cultures media and the types of cultures net which are used tostreng then the lawn parts (sodding) may infiuence the quality pf the produced sod. This study investigated the effect of four kinds of soil combinations including: clay, (30% compost + 70% clay), (30% clay + 40% sand + 30% compost) and (10% pitmass + 90% clay). Also, it aimd to study four types of network such as: plastic guid, metallic guid, plastic bag and guidless. This investigation was dcne without any control network in production. In addition, factorial analysis was used based on 16 random treatments in three replicates within two years (2009,2010). The lawn seed under investigation was in the form of the one used in sports, fields and it was a mixture of three species and five cultivar. The results displayed that the mean of color charactristics, chlorophyll a, total chlorophyll, level of chlorophyll after first winter frost and growth rate were significantly more in the bed cultuer ( 30% compost + 70% clay) than the last of bed cultuer. On the other hand bed cultuer containing hight percentage of clay displayed more uniformity and density of weed. Regarding color, chlorophyll b and level of chlorophyll after first winter frost, the bed cultuer with hight compost were better than the others in the growth rate. The highest rigidity obtained in plastic bag net and the level of weed in this treatment is compairing with others were lower in significant.