Effect of Nitrogen, Manure, Potassium and Iron on Yield, Fruit Quality and Leaf Mineral Nutrient Content in Pistacia vera cv. Fandoghi Grafted on Badami-Riz Zarand Rootstock

Document Type : Research Article



This research carried out in the Rafsanjan pistachio orchard to investigate the effect of N form, manure, K and Fe on yield, nut quality and leaf mineral nutrients concentrations of Pistacia vera L. cv. Fandoghi grafted on Badami-Riz Zarand rootstock. The experiment was as factorial with four factors including; manure (without manure and 10 kg tree-1 sheep manure), N form (ammonium sulfate and calcium nitrate), K (without K and 600 kg K tree-1) and Fe (without Fe and 100 g Fe tree-1) and randomized complete blocks design with 6 replications. Fertilizers were added to the soil in holes with 40-60 cm depth on two sides of trees, and treatments effects was evaluated during two years. The results showed that ammonium application increased the nut yield compared to nitrate fertilizer, this increase in yield is may related to the higher N and Fe in plants and consequently leaf chlorosis alleviation due to the chlorophyll contents elevation by these elements. Combination of ammonium-N and Fe increased split pistachio nuts. In this research, ammonium application increased the concentration of Fe, Zn, N and K and reduced P, Ca and Mg concentrations in leaves. Therefore, it is suggested to use N fertilizer containing ammonium rather than nitrate in pistachio orchards with mainly high soil pH.