Possibility of Increasing Irrigation Period Without Decreasing Growth of Rose Saplings by Implementing Super Absorbent Polymer Trawat A200 in a Semi Arid Region

Document Type : Research Article



One fundamental strategy for increasing efficiency of plans which aim to develop natural resources is decreasing water loss and using this restricted water optimally. In arid and semi-arid regions such as a large part of Iran, increasing period of irrigation which results in decreasing the irrigation costs, without causing water stress to planted sapling is a vital task. In this research we examined the effect of using super absorbent on increasing irrigation period and growth of Rose's saplings. The experiment designed in randomized block with two factors (super absorbent in 4 levels 0, 40, 90 and 140 g. and irrigation period in 4 levels 6, 10, 14 and 18 days) and 3 replications. The results indicated that using super absorbent make it possible to increase irrigation period, while surprisingly causes some increases in growth of saplings. Considering height growth of saplings, 10 days irrigation period with 40 g super absorbent and based on collar and crown growth of 14 days with 140 g. were the best treatments. It means that these treatments which implemented the minimum amount of super absorbent lead to decreasing irrigation period while growth of saplings in contract to saplings in control treatment had no significant decrease.