Nano Packaging and Edible Coating Used for Improvement of Shelf Life and Quality of Individual Fresh Pistachio Nuts

Document Type : Research Article




Fresh pistachio nuts undergo biochemical and physiological changes after harvest and postharvest and as a result, it has a short shelf life. The purpose of this research is to study the effects of packaging type and edible coating on quality and increasing the shelf life of fresh pistachio nut. Therefore, two separate experiment were conducted and in first one the individual fresh pistachio were dipped in different concentration of aloe vera gel (0 (control), 25, 33, 50 %) and also Nanocid at 80 and 100 mgl-1 and kept at 4±2°C for 40 days. In second experiment, to compare the plastics produced through Nano technology and usual plastics (nylon), fresh pistachio nut were packed and stored in mentioned condition. Weight loss, pistachio quality appearance and its marketability were examined every 5 day- interval and fat and soluble carbohydrate at the end of storage. The results showed that Nano films comparing to control were useful significantly (p≤0.01) in controlling the weight loss and keeping fresh pistachio’s appearance. Also weight loss and fresh pistachio browning were lower in aloe vera gel treatments and the best results (higher soluble carbohydrate and appearance) come from 25% aloe gel compared to control.