The Effects of Cultural Medium and Cultivars on Some Agronomic and Physiological Characteristic of Melon׳s Transplant

Document Type : Research Article



Melon produced by transplanting cause seed saving, reduce the risk of cold, pest and disease stress. In order to investigate the effects of growing medium and cultivars on characteristic of melon's transplants, an experiment was conducted based on randomized completely design with 10 replications at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad during 2010. Treatments included 6 levels of growing medium (a1= 50% peat+25 % coco peat+ 25 % sand, a2= 50% peat+25 % coco peat+ 25 %+ 25% vermin compost, a3= 50% peat+25 % coco peat+ 25 % perlit, a4= 50% coco peat+ 25% peat+25% sand, a5= 50% coco peat+ 25% peat+25%vercompost, a6= 50% coco peat+ 25% peat+25% perlit) and 2 types of cultivars: Eyvanakey and Khatooni. The results indicated that the effects of substrate were significant in all of treats (leaf area, stem diameter, height of transplant, root dry weight, shoot dry weight, root wet weight, and shoot wet weight). 2 (50% peat+25 % coco peat+ 25 %+ 25% vermin compost) and a5 (50% coco peat+ 25% peat+25%vercompost) have better performance than others in all of treats. There is not any significant effect between cultivars and interaction between substrate and cultivars wasn’t significant.