Evaluation the Efficiency of Scar Marker SCC8 in Identifying Grape Seedless Cultivars and Progenies

Document Type : Research Article



Seedlessness is the most important trait in table grape and raisin industry which has attracted breeders from long ago. Breeding grapes by traditional methods result in low number of seedless progenies and their selection requires long time. Therefore, marker-assisted selection (MAS) can overcome the selection difficulty and would decrease high cost of progeny maintenance for several years. In this study, SCC8 marker was employed to evaluate its efficiency in early discrimination of seedless progenies as well as the status of sdI gene in seedless and seeded important Iranian grape cultivars. To do so, 11 progenies which were realized as seedless by panel test, were evaluated Scar marker Scc8. According to the results, Scar marker Scc8 could identify 10 of them as homozygous seedless and just one as homozygous seedless. This marker could also identified 'Muscat of Hamburg', 'Dastechin', 'Shahani', 'Sahebi', 'Khalili', 'Alibaba', 'Qhezel Ozum', 'Dizmari' and 'Shirazi Qermez' as homozygous seeded cultivars whereas 'Atabake', 'Shahroudi' and 'Toloqhi' were found to be heterozygous seeded ones. It can be concluded that Scar marker SCC8 could discriminate seedless progenies as well as cultivars and their sdI gene status correctly in most cases (87.5%).