Effect of Ethanol and Methanol on Some Quantity and Quality Parameters of Cut Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus cv. ‘Sensi’) Flower

Document Type : Research Article



This research was carried out in order to evaluate the influence of different concentrations of ethanol and methanol (0, 4, 6 and 12%) and two pulse treatments (12 and 24 hour) on longevity of cut standard-carnation (Sensi cultivar) in a factorial based on randomized completely design with three replications, at Tehran University, Aboreyhan Pardis, horticulture department, during 2010. The results showed that the effect of alcohol treatments and interaction effect of alcohols and pulse on vase life were significant (at what level?????), whereas solution uptake and relative fresh weight were not affected by mentioned treatments. The highest (17.33 day) and lowest (11 day) amount of carnation vase life were obtained by ethanol 12% at pulse of 12 hours and control treatments, respectively. Ethanol 6% at pulse of 24 hours, ethanol 12% and methanol 6% at pulse of 12 hours were more effective in increasing the longevity of carnation than other pulse, while in other treatments, no significant differences were observed between the pulse times. Moreover, the highest of ethylene production obtained by control, while ethanol 4% and 6% at pulse of 24 hours, ethanol and methanol 12% at pulse of 12 hours and methanol 6% at both time of pulse markedly decreased the production of ethylene and lead to significantly increase in vase life. The relative extension of flowers and relative fresh weight had a positive correlation with vase life, while solution uptake had non correlation or negative correlation with other treats.