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Pears are among the most important fruits in all the temperate regions in about 50 countries of the world. "Shahmiveh" and "Spadona" pears, sprayed at three stages at harvest with different concentrations putrescine (0, 0.5, 1 and 2 mM) and post harvest dipping at the same concentrations putrescine and also dip into heat treatment (40 and 50 °C and control). Fruits were stored at 0±1 °C for 5 month. The factorial experiment was conducted using a completely randomized design of three replications. During the storage period, Sampling were carried out every three weeks and some of the qualitative and quantitative traits such as surface color, weight loss, firmness, pH, titrable acidity, total soluble solids, flavor index and vitamin C were measured. Results showed in Shahmiveh ratio to Spadona cultivar was upper firmness, pH and flavor index. Hue angle, lightness, weight loss, TA and TSS in Spadona cultivar was higher than Shahmiveh cultivar. 1 and 2 mM putrescine treatments showed maximum firmness and minimum pH, TSS and flavor index in both cultivars. Heat treatment at 40 and 50 °C respectively in Shahmiveh and Spadona increased TSS and fruit flavor index. In total, Spadona with suitable quality and quantity properties for the purpose of marketing and keeping in store is better than Shahmiveh.