Effect of Gibberllic Acid and Girdling on Pomological Characteristics of Fruit in Grape cv. Akgari

Document Type : Research Article



In order to study the different concentrations of gibbererlic Acid and girdling on quantity and quality improvement of grape cv, Askari an experiment was carried out in kashmar region on 2012 as factorial in a complete randomized block design.In this experiment the effect of gibberellin at four concentration in two time of flowering and girdling at four time in four replication were performed. Results showed that, gibberellins and girdling treatments increased the pH level relative to control. Highest pH in gibberellin treatments related to 200 ppm with 3.85 mean and in girdling treatments related to 4 weeks after flowering with 3.575 mean. Also the highes content of titratable acidity in gibberellin and girdling was 200 ppm with mean of (% 0/913) and 4 weeks after flowering with mean of (%0/842) and lowest tss belong to control (%0/6107). The highest tss contents belong to 150 ppm gibberellin treatment and in girdling treatment related to 4 weeks after flowering and lowest contest belong to control (%14/75).based on the results of this study we can ve commended gibberellin and treatment in order to enhance the qualitative and quality features of grape cv. askari