The Effect of Superabsorbent Polymer and Different Withholding Irrigation Level on Some Qualitative and Quantitative Traits of Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum)

Document Type : Research Article



The superabsorbent polymer withholding water and disperse it gradually to roots increase soil water capacity. To study the effect of superabsorbent polymer on decreasing water stress effect as well as increasing irrigation efficiency a factorial experiment based on randomized block design with 4 replicates was design. Treatments were 0, 10 and 20 % V superabsorbent and irrigation levels 25, 50 and 100% field capacity in greenhouse of Shiraz University. The results were shown that drought stress decreased chlorophyll content, fresh and dry weight but did not effect on fruit parameters at 5%. Superabsorbent improved tomato growth in stress condition and in 50% FC,10% superabsorbent increased relative water content to 14%and fresh weight of root to 60%. Chlorophyll content increased to 22% in 25%FC with 20% superabsorbent relative water content and root fresh weight increased 28 and 53% respectively. In 25%FC with 20% superabsorbent. Superabsorbent elevated hazardous effect of drought stress and with holding the water in root zoon cues normal plant growth.